March Review Schedule

I’ve got a busy month with eight scheduled book reviews, plus a trip to London to see Hamilton. There are a lot of blog tours on this month but I’ve managed to fit in an indie book sent to me directly by the author. I hope there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. I know I don’t normally review ‘women’s fiction’, but I liked the sound of the books. I may write a blog post on why I don’t like the genre ‘Women’s Fiction’.

  • 2nd March
    • Hamilton – Musical review
  • 3rd March
    • I Know Where You Live
    • Pat Young
      • Blog tour – Sarah Hardy
      • Fiction – Crime/thriller
  • 5th March
    • How To Write & Publish A Bestselling Book: My journey from firefighter to bestselling author and how you can do it too!
    • Richard McMunn
      • Blog tour – Authoright
      • Non-fiction – Autobiography
  • 7th March
    • Ape Mind, Old Mind, New Mind: Emotional Fossils and the Evolution of the Human Spirit
    • John V. Wylie, M.D.
      • Non-fiction – Psychology
  • 14th March
    • When I grow up
    • Patricia Asedegbega
      • Blog tour – Anne Cater
      • Fiction – Women’s Fiction
  • 22nd March
    • We were the salt of the sea
    • Roxanne Bouchard
      • Blog Tour – Orenda
      • Fiction – Crime
  • 26th March
    • The Horse’s Arse
    • Laura Gascoigne
      • Authoright Spring Reading Week
      • Fiction – Women’s Fiction
  • 28th March
    • The Book of Air
    • Joe Treasure
      • Authoright Spring Reading Week
      • Fiction – Literary Fiction
  • 30th March
    • The Cubit Quest
    • Trevor Leck
      • Authoright Spring Reading Week
      • Fiction – YA

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