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The first two books in the Fire series are available. They tell the story of Lizzy Albon over eight years as she matures from a ‘bright young thing’, the centre for the young people in the royal court of Albon, to a serious political player through family, national and international conflict. Over the years she has a variety of relationships and adventures, developing a view of life that conflicts with some of those around her, expecially her step-mother. Unfortunately, her step-mother is Queen of Albon, and the niece of the Lord of Sumoast, the second largest and most powerful of the islands in the Northern Isles. The Northern Isles are a group of islands that are to be found in the Camar Ocean, of Erce, west of the Great Continent, and east of the continent of Camar.

If you want to know more about the world of Erce, see my posts here and here.












Coming soon: A crime short story, Shot Down, introducing the principle characters in my planned series of crime novels set in Lincolnshire.

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILShot Down  will be available from 2nd May 2018 and is on Kindle Pre-Order for 99p. The paperback will be available shortly, at £3.50.



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