Novel updates, leaking roofs and doggie birthdays

Nothing much, I’ve finished another edit of Fire Betrayed and sent it for reading by my beta readers. It’s getting there slowly, but I want to polish it some more. I expect to be sworn at again.

I planned to work on Charley’s War today but there’s a leak or three in the roof and some electrical problems so my house has been full of contractors at the moment and I’ve been dealing with major anxiety from having people in the house and a change in my routine. I couldn’t even escape to my bedroom to nap while they were out for lunch and materials buying, because the floor is up while they sort out the electrical problem.

I’ve been reading a book I’m reviewing as part of a blog tour next month and working my way through my back issues of Writer’s Forum. I am halfway through the August issue.

Ever alert.
*Ignore my foot.
**That blanket is supposed to be on the back of the settee but Ezzie thought it looked comfortable so she stole it for her afternoon nap.




Ezzie and Gyfa are ten today. Ten years ago I was a lab technician at a small factory in Brigg. I got a text on a dull, rainy September day to say our dog Jessie was giving birth and my sister and brother-in-law were acting as midwives. She had 11 in total, one was stillborn and another died soon after birth despite their best efforts. I came home to a house full of people and dogs. I chose Ezzie and Gyfa a couple of days later. They were my babies. I have loved and spoilt them since.  My sister took one, Kipper, (who is currently being bullied by an 18 month old American Akita) and the other six went to loving homes, I hope.

One, that mum called Butch and the elderly lady who took him called Duke – after John Wayne – had hip problems that we think he inherited from their Labrador grandparent. Ezzie, Gyfa and Kipper haven’t had any problems of that nature, but Duke was also really fluffy, like a German Shepard, while they are all short haired and smooth coated, so it’s possible some terrible combination of Jessie’s possible part-rottie, part-Alsatian (we aren’t sure, she’s a funny looking thing) genetics combined with Billy’s known half-Labrador, half-Jack Russel genetics combined to make Duke, a fluffy , German Shepard looking creature with the dodgy hips common to Labs and German Shepards.

The dogs got gravy on their breakfast biscuits and then a little bit of beef and veg stew on their biscuits for their birthday tea. I wanted to find some nice treats for them but the fresh dog treat man who has a stall at Lincoln Farmer’s Market wasn’t there last Friday, so I#ll have to see what I can find them in Grimsby this Friday. I was going to town tomorrow but the contractors haven’t finished the roof yet and need to come back tomorrow.

Right, time to go and wash up my stew bowl and inspect the mess they’ve made of my garden.

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