Poem: I should have known

I should have realised
Long ago
There’s something a little off 
About me.

Everyone knew how
To act
To react
To interact
Inate instructions calling time
Picking up the rules and the rhyme.

No one told me the rules of the game
Or even that we were playing, with
No choice but to play.

I learnt the rules, or a strange
Version thereof from

Because nobody bothered to sit down
And explain the rules of the game, or
that I had to play.

So when i say or do
The wrong thing, try remembering
You knew the rules, how to act, interact, react,
And I’m still learning with every book I read.



I wrote a poem last night, it’s had some compliments from a number of people. I’m quite pleased with the metaphor and hopefully it gets the message across.

3 thoughts on “Poem: I should have known

  1. It definitely gets the message across. I often feel like this. A lot of times, especially in social situations, life really does seem like a game where no one’s bothered to explain the rules.

    1. I’m not good at social situations, everyone else seems to know what is appropriate or ‘normal’ and I’m stood there trying not to blurt out whatever has fascinated me recently.

    2. For a long time I didn’t understand how other people seem to know the rules instinctively, while I’m flailing around in utter confusion, but getting my semi-official Aspergers diagnosis has made things a bit clearer.

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