September is here

And I have a full schedule of reviews.

All but Ross Armstrong’s The Watcher, have been independently published by the authors who all contacted me after seeing my listing on Indie Review. I’ve had a lot of review requests through this website and I’ve had to close my reviewing list because I’ve got a rather high TBR pile. The may be a few unscheduled reviews slotted in too, because I have a selection of books from Pen & Sword that I haven’t scheduled for review on any particular day, just as and when I have read them. I’m reading a book about European women in pre-Raj India, called Ribbons Among The Rajahs at the moment, as well as The Eye of Nefertiti.

Charley’s War is coming along slowly, I’ve been having a few down days since the weekend, and I’ve been cross-stitching and crocheting instead because that’s all I’ve been capable of. I think I over did things at the weekend and I’ve been home to Immingham a couple of times too. The travelling to and fro wears me out, mostly from dealing with people. I’ve been through today as well, to get my medication, and after a late afternoon nap I feel a lot better.


I have a washing machine now, for the first time since I moved in here. It arrived this morning, and while I was waiting for it to arrive I managed to get a little bit written on Charley’s War. The current incarnation of Hidden Fire arrived this morning too, I ordered a proof copy, although I used the digital proofing service online so that the book was available quickly. I quite like the new layout. The book is thinner, and the font is smaller. There’s a map and character list, too.

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