#Book Connectors

There’s a Facebook group called Book Connectors, run by Anne Cater, that I’m a part of. Anne occasionally sends me books to review for blog tours.


Yesterday I met up with Anne and eight of the Book Connectors group in Sheffield. Apart from getting on the wrong tram everything went alright. So long as I only focused on and talked to one person at a time I managed interactions. I spoke to three people! Individually and only about books. One, author, editor, publisher and blogger Tracey Scott-Townsend, told me about her publisher who might consider my novels. One of the reasons I self-published was because I didn’t think I’d find a publisher for fantasy with a Queer main character.

This publisher is called Inspired Quill. They are a social enterprise and have a strong fantasy list. They also take an interest in LGBT fiction. Every year they have an open submission month. The next one is June 2018. Out of interest I emailed the company, because I have already self-published Hidden Fire. I got an email back this afternoon. The good news is they do take on previously published work om a case-by-case basis, the bad news is their next open submission period is next year.

So, I’ve decided that the publishing schedule of the FIRE novels will go ahead as planned, but next June I shall send a submission to Inspired Quill.

On the self-publishing front, Charley’s War may be delayed. I haven’t finished writing it yet. Fire Betrayed  will be published as planned in November. I’m waiting for feedback on my re-write from my readers and then I’ll do more editing. I haven’t looked at it in a while because I’ve been focusing on Charley’s War. I’ve made some changes to the published version of Hidden Fire, including a map and character list. I’ve made these changes based of feedback from multiple readers who’ve asked for them. I also did another run through for spelling errors. I think I’ve got them all now 😀  The changes will automatically occur in the Kindle version and the new paperback version should be available on Amazon tomorrow at the latest. I ordered a proof copy of the book this time as well as proofing through the digital version on the CreateSpace website. I’m going to do another read through once the book arrives and if I have to I’ll make more changes.

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