Review: ‘Women at War in the Classical World’, by Paul Chrystal

Published by: Pen & Sword Press     Publication Date: 20th March 2017 I.S.B.N.: 9781473856608 Price: £25.00 Format: Hardback Blurb Paul Chrystal has written the first full length study of women and warfare in the Graeco Roman world. Although the conduct of war was generally monopolized by men, there were plenty of exceptions with women directlyContinue reading “Review: ‘Women at War in the Classical World’, by Paul Chrystal”

Exploring different distribution channels

For my novels I’ve been looking at increasing the distribution channels for the ebook of Hidden Fire; currently it’s only available through Amazon as a Kindle book. I don’t want to limit myself. Long ago I signed up to Smashwords but I’ve never done anything with it, because I was encouraged to use KDP for theContinue reading “Exploring different distribution channels”

HIDDEN FIRE now available to order from my blog

I’ve been fiddling around with CreateSpace and worked out that I have an eStore. Yes, I know, shocking that it’s taken me a month to work this stuff out. That it because I’m not great with technology, and the having to move stuff has been messing with my critical faculties. So, if you want toContinue reading “HIDDEN FIRE now available to order from my blog”