Exploring different distribution channels

For my novels

I’ve been looking at increasing the distribution channels for the ebook of Hidden Fire; currently it’s only available through Amazon as a Kindle book. I don’t want to limit myself. Long ago I signed up to Smashwords but I’ve never done anything with it, because I was encouraged to use KDP for the ebook. I’ve been reading through the modules for my Writer’s Bureau course that deal with self-publishing and Smashwords came up a few times in relations to distributing books widely.

At the moment Hidden Fire is enrolled on KDP Select. This means it is exclusive to Amazon and is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

I have a plan. It’s as cunning as a fox that’s just been made professor of cunning at Cambridge University. The ebook goes on sale on 17th June, in less than two weeks (also my birthday),  I’m going to stop the automatic renewal of the KDP Select enrolment, so that after 90 days I can distribute it elsewhere. Then I will release it on Smashwords. I am going to compare the sales from both over a 90 day period. If enrolling in KDP Select has had a significant effect on sales I’ll take the book off Smashwords and re-enrol in that, but I don’t think it will, and I’d prefer to have the book available in more formats and through more distribution channels.

The 90 period will also allow me time to format the original file the way Smashwords want it to be formatted and do any faffing about that needs doing. Hopefully, in mid-September, I’ll be able to add links for the ebook in a variety of platforms, and one direct from the Smashwords store.


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