Putting down roots; Or, someone give me a mortgage, please.

I have to move out of the house I’ve been in since 11th September 2014; long-time readers may remember the breakdown I had about having to move then? Due to my landlord not paying his bills (allegedly), he has to sell the house, which means I have to move.

I don’t want to move. I like it here mostly. Or I did until I got a new neighbour who has a little dog. It’s very stressful, Ezzie and Gyfa are permanently on high alert at the minute. And the street is full of kids who have no volume control. And the young family next door are lovely, but they do keep having people round. And we’re under the flight path for Humberside Airport.

Maybe not then. Yes, I do want to move, but on my own terms, not because I have to. Anyway, I’ve been looking at new places to rent; they’re all on six month contracts, with the occasional ‘long-term let considered’. I can’t go through all this again in six months or a year when the next landlord decides to sell up or that they want to put the rent up, or whatever. I just want to put down roots somewhere, somewhere that I know will be there even if I wander off for a while, that I’ll have something to come back to and that I won’t be threatened with being thrown out of, on someone else’s whim.

I can’t buy a house because I’m on a fixed income and can’t get a deposit together. No one will lend me the money to buy a house, so I have to rent. Which means I’m at the mercy of landlords and letting’s agents. I hate it. I can’t plan anything, because I don’t know if I’m going to be in the same house for more than a few months.

The there’s the rent. The price keeps going up and the number of houses available to me keep going down. I really don’t want to have to move to a crappy part of Grimsby or Cleethorpes.

Because my landlord is selling the house I have to put up with impertinent estate agents valuing the house, and if anyone wants to view it I have to tolerate strangers in my house.

I don’t like people in my house at the best of times. This is not the best of times.

I’m going to look at a house on Thursday afternoon. I’m going to ask about a long-term let, because I want to settle down somewhere, and I’m not putting effort into a place if I’m going to have to move out after a few months.

It’s wrong that people who rent rather than buy a house are in such unstable accommodation, reliant on someone else for a roof over their heads. 



2 thoughts on “Putting down roots; Or, someone give me a mortgage, please.

  1. I hope you find a good place. For the most part, I’ve had pretty good luck with renting. I sort of like that if something goes wrong with the plumbing or the electricity, it’s the landlord’s problem, not mine. But a lot depends on having good landlords and good neighbors.

    1. Thanks. I saw a house yesterday but it needed so much work doing inside and out, the landlord wasn’t prepared to do it. And I didn’t like the look of the neighbours garden. It looked like a junk yard and the fence between wasn’t secure. I’m going to look at another place on Monday in a quiet village. I hope it’s better because I need somewhere fairly soon.

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