Bonus cover reveal: The paperback cover

Michelle came through for me this afternoon and delivered my paperback cover wrap. It’s brilliant. She did have to nudge me to get the blurb done though. I stayed up too late last night and it went right out of my mind. Here it is, complete with the blurb I’m extraordinarily proud of.


hidden fire wrap

Looks good, doesn’t it? She’s talented that Michelle.

After playing around a bit, we managed to get it to upload to CreateSpace and now the book is in review. I’ll have to proof it and then I can get it up on Amazon on pre-order, I hope.

I’m thinking of taking a visit to the local library and talking to the library assistants about letting me do a book launch event there. I’ve been a patron of the local library for decades and most of them are used to me now.

I’ve started the process of getting the second book, Fire Betrayed, ready for publication in December. I should probably take a break and get on with research for my dissertation next year, but now I’ve started I want to keep at it and get gthe books published. My self-imposed schedule is going to kill me, either because I’m impatient or I overdo it and put too much pressure on myself.


In completely unrelated news, I’ve heard from the Autism Spectrum Conditions centre in Grimsby, my initial assessment will be sometime after September. This time next year I might know what’s going on with me.


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