5th April Prompt: Care Worker

I’ve been working on some of the prompts I missed during the first two weeks. Most of my scribble is rubbish, but I’ve come up with the start of something using the ‘care worker’ prompt.

“What do you want? Who are you?” A grey eye watched Brenda from between door and its frame, the gold chain stretched across Mr  Jones’ nose.

“Hello, Mr Jones. It’s Brenda, from Central Care Services.”

“I don’t know you.”

“I was here on Tuesday.”

“No you weren’t. It was that young lady Sheila. You’re a crook trying to talk your way in.”

Brenda ignored the charge, used to some variation on the same thing being levelled against her every time she came to Mr Jones’ flat. It changed depending on what he’d read in the Daily Mail that morning.

“Sheila left six months ago. She went to work at the hospital. You came to her leaving party at the community centre.”

“I didn’t. I haven’t been out in weeks. Nobody takes me anywhere.”

“We went to the cinema for Senior Screen on Tuesday morning.”

“What film was it?”

“Dambusters. You remember the bouncing bombs.”

“I was in the air force you know.”

“Yes, I do. You showed me your medals. We went to the memorial service a month a go.”

“At the Memorial.”

“Yes. You looked very handsome in your uniform.”

“Oh I was, turned all the girls’ heads I did.”


I have no idea if this is going anywhere. I have a lot of respect for care workers, it’s an hard job and undervalued, not to mention regularly underpaid.


The prompts for 14th and 15th April have a bit more potential so I’m going to see what I can do with them and I’ll post later or tomorrow. I also have a couple of book reviews coming up, one for a book about Newgate prison and another about asylums in 19th century Britain and Ireland.

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