Editing book one – I’m not as appalled by my writing as I thought I would be

Evening dear readers,

Sorry no review yet, I’ve been working on editing ‘Hidden Fire‘. I’m 103 pages in with 102 pages to go. I’ve done most of that today if I’m honest. I had aimed for ten pages a day, after I realised four chapters a day was unrealistic, but due to other ‘stuff’ I’ve let it build up. Probably not the most sensible thing to do, but I finally got caught up today, in fact I’m a day ahead of schedule now.

I’ve also submitted my piece for the Writer’s Conference in March, the first chapter of Hidden Fire, a synopsis of the other three books and biography. It took me a bit of time and a lot of help from two of my MA course classmates, which I’m very grateful for, to get my submission to a place where I felt confident sending it in. I shall know in about six weeks if I’ve got a place on the agent/editor one-to-one sessions.

In other news, Hidden Fire  has been split in to two, book one is Hidden Fire and book two is called Fire Betrayed. The titles of books three and four are Fire Awakened and Fire Storm. Yes, there’s a theme in the naming, and if you read the books you’ll understand where the names come from. I thought I’d share the synopsis with you.


Elizabeth Fitzroy is the darling, illegitimate daughter of the King of Albon. Before Elizabeth turns twenty-one she is kidnapped by the court faction supporting the Queen of Albon, who despises her. In ‘Hidden Fire‘ I tell Elizabeth’s story. After rescuing herself, Lizzy joins the efforts to seek out and eliminate the opposition, resulting in the queen’s exile after which Lizzy joins the political arena, organising resistance to the incipient theocracy with a political alliance of Radical politicians, worker’s organisations and her own newspaper. Before long she is sent on a mission to Belinos, the capital of the continental super-power, to thwart the machinations of Sumoast, the nation from which the queen hails and who’s leader is the architect of the political turmoil in Albon. As war breaks out in the Northern Isles between Albon and Sumoast, Lizzy and her friends race home, leaving her lover, Lady Charley de Narvel in Belinos with her grandmother for safety, and one of her friends, Lord Gos Val, ambassador to Belinos, dead at the hands of the Sumoasti. (word count: 70,000)

The rest of the series continues with:

Book 2: The war between Albon and Sumoast concludes with an uneasy truce and life settles down for a while, as the queen is exiled once again and Lizzy takes on a greater role in her father’s court and government. The queen returns from exile and there is a coup. The king and his brother are murdered. (Word count: 63,000. Provisional title: Fire Betrayed)

Book 3: Lizzy is exiled to Sumoast, and develops some unusual abilities while visiting her ‘hosts’ family for a religious festival. In the course of the year she stays in exile Lizzy is transformed and plots her return with an army. Marrying her host and his husband, she gains both an army and a fleet to transport them. (Word count: 86,000. Provisional title: Fire Awakened)

Book 4: Returning to Albon, Lizzy and the rebels meet with her brother, the puppet king, Michael. Fighting through the country, whilst gaining support, they finally isolate the Queen Mother and her followers to the capital. In the middle of battle Lizzy gives birth to twins, an event causing much joy and misery for the survivors. (Word count: unknown, incomplete. Provisional title: Fire Storm).


The synopsis will probably change as I edit, but that’s the general outline on the series. I still haven’t finished Fire Storm.  I think I’m reluctant to, because then I’d have to actually do something with them and I’m not sure I’m ready for the world in general to read my fiction. Some very close and trusted people have read some of the first novel and feedback is generally good, but I’m scared.

At the same time I want to get them finished so I can get started on the next two novels I want to write and have already started doing a bit of research for. One of those will be used for my dissertation, I think. Or the first 15,000 words anyway, and I’ll have a synopsis of the rest in an appendix. Both of my next novels are historical fiction, one an adventure (7th century) and one a (13th century) mystery, both set mainly in Lincolnshire and based in local history.

I’ve had a few ideas for sci-fi short stories, possibly novels and at least one more fantasy novel but I haven’t done more than make initial notes for them yet. Also, I’ve been thinking about writing radio drama. I’ve had to write a script for my MA course and I chose to write radio drama. I really enjoyed it, especially researching the background of the story and then putting it all together, while trying to build a mind image with only dialogue. It’s been quite a challenge. It’s something I might consider having another bash at in future.


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