2017 – onwards and upwards

2016 wasn’t a great year for a lot of people and there were political and cultural events that really mucked it up, but for me personally it wasn’t all horrible. Rather than dwelling on the upsetting stuff I’m going to list the positives from last year.

  • I made new friends, some of whom I’ve become very fond of;
  • I tried to be sociable, I even tried dating;
  • I travelled abroad for the first time ever;
  • I started my MA in Creative Writing.

This year, I can only go forwards.I’m not well at the moment, but that’s normal for me. I at last have a doctor who is trying to help with my medical conditions and hopefully I should get a diagnoses on my mental health conditions this year. I have my first ever writer’s conference in March, and the confidence to go is slowly building. I’m working on my submission document to send, as I hope to get an editor or agent one to one at the conference. I’m going to put more time in to finishing novel three and editing the first two. I may break the first one up into two books, as it’s really long and I’m told the average length for a novel is seventy to eighty thousand words. My novel is at least double that.

This coming term I’m only studying one module so hopefully I shouldn’t be as exhausted as I was in the first term. It’s a bit of a long day, even though I was only in 2 x 2hr workshops/seminars, because of the train timetable. I’ve finished my assignments for the modules I studied last term and I’m raring to go. We’re studying life writing and fiction next term. After that I have eight months ‘off’, because I don’t start my forth module until a year from now. I’ll be spending the time working on my current projects and researching the background information for my dissertation. That’s the plan anyway.

I love writing, and I love studying. This course has been really good for me, even when I have struggled to make it in due to sickness or depression. I’m hoping the boost to my confidence will carry me forward.

What do I have planned for the blog this year?

I haven’t got anything much planned, sorry.

I hope I’ll be able to provide book reviews at least once a week and I’ll keep you updated on my studies and writing.

There will be a report from the East Midlands Writer’s Conference in March.

What else do I have planned for 2017?

Nothing much, yet.

In three weeks I’m going to a museum and art gallery in Scunthorpe with my friend. We want to go anyway but I want to go to do some research for that dissertation I mentioned.

Hopefully, I’ll get to visit my friends in Harrogate, Sheffield and possibly even Northumbria.

I would like to get my driver’s license but that all depends on funds.


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