Review: ‘For the love of Emily’, by Joy Wood

Joy Wood is a local author, a nurse in Grimsby, that I met at a local authors event at Grimsby Central Library in the summer. What with Paris, university and being under the weather, it’s taken me a while to get her book read, but this afternoon I felt the need to read a paper book, so I picked up ‘For the love of Emily’ and got back into it. In four months I’d made it to page 47, in seven hours I completed the whole novel. It is erotica, so be warned if that isn’t your thing. I actually think the plot would work without the erotic element, which adds depth to the novel.

I really liked the characters of Rebecca and Ezzio, and Emily is very realistically portrayed. It is clear that the author’s experience in medicine has influenced the character descriptions. The drama of the courtroom and the final twist is really unexpected.

There were some minor spelling and word choice issues which a good edit would fix, but nothing that distracts from the story.

More on the book, below:

Joy’s second novel, ‘Knight and Dey’, was published last month.

Joy’s website

The page for the novel


Rebecca Price Jones is a young woman with a deadly secret.

Emily, her precious twin sister is hidden away where nobody can find her. To pay for Emily’s keep, Rebecca creates beautiful dresses by day and works as ‘Kate’, a high-class prostitute for female clients at night.

Darlene Milner, a rich gay middle-aged socialite becomes besotted and plans to keep Rebecca all to herself, until Ezzio Marin, a wealthy businessman with a ruthless attitude in the boardroom and the bedroom decides that he wants the same.

When the two cross paths, Rebecca’s past unravels and her secret comes out with dire consequences.


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