What a difference a decade (and a bit) makes

I’m reading a book at the minute called The Long, Long Life of Trees, by Fiona Stafford, which I will be reviewing next week. It prompted me to think about trees, surprisingly enough.

There’s a wood that used to be a cow field. Sixteen years ago The Woodland Trust planted about a third of it up with mixed deciduous trees. There were the usual casualties but the trees that survived have thrived and the old horse chestnuts that for the core of the wood have continued to flower and fruit. They’re laden heavy with conkers already. The mature willows that dot the edge of the field, a reminder that we’re on drained marshland, are going strong and the cherry stand continues to produce fruit. A couple of years ago a further half of the field was planted up. The young trees are spindly but growing. There are pines among this new bunch of trees. It will be interesting to see how the next decade treats this young woodland. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my pictures, there will be more in the book review, because if I’m writing about a book about trees there are going to be pictures of trees.

Bonus picture of the dogs playing in the clearing. They love long grass.


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