I’m baaack!

We’re back in England and I am exhausted; we’re currently sat at the bus stop waiting for a bus back to Harrogate. I’m looking forward to getting back home tomorrow and sleeping in my own bed with my Hell Hounds. I’ve missed them, but it has been nice to have no responsibility for a change. 
I’m currently in Harrogate, and I have to say after the last few days of 30 degrees and clear skies, I’m enjoying the existence of clouds and cooler weather. I don’t think I’m built for hot weather. We had a bit of a wait at the airport this afternoon because we decided to go straight from the hotel to the airport and avoid the stress. Dragging the suitcases around for several hours would have been a bit of an arse as well. We got through security and passports and took up residence at Pret a Manger, had dinner and read for a few hours. 

In Paris I managed to spend almost all of my money and ate amazing food, treat myself to two new books and a copy of a quarterly literary journal, and a hat. We saw amazing sights and determined to go again another year to see even more. I particularly want to see L’Musee de le Homme
There will be more to come, including my ‘top 10 tips for visiting Paris’.


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