Local authors give me books

And other things I’ve been up to in the book department.


August is here and with it the sound of screaming kids playing in the streets, barbecues and my long-awaited holiday. This first I’ve ever been on alone, my first abroad and the first time I’ve done all the booking online – just the online check-in to do. I haven’t had a holiday in fifteen years. We’re off to Paris for three nights to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I’m very excited, two weeks from now I’ll be flying (again, first time in twenty-seven years) from Leeds-Bradford to Charles de Gaulle. It’s a big adventure for me.

On Saturday I went in to Grimsby to the library because they were holding a Local Authors Event. I met several local authors and discussed publishing and writing. I also offered to review books for people, and four of them gave me copies of their books.

Sam Hawksmoor  writes YA novels and I will be reviewing Marikka. Self-published.   www.samhawksmoor.com

Joy Wood is a nurse who has written one novel and is working on her second. I will be reading For the love of Emily.  Self-published.                                                                     joywoodauthor.wordpress.com

David Evardson writes comic novels, many set in Lincolnshire. I will be reviewing The Crooked Link. Self-published.                                                                                                     www.DaveEvardson.com

Michael Nilsen  is a poet and his second book of poetry will be out 28th October 2015. Last year, 28th Octorber 2015, he published through Troubador Publishing under the Matador imprint, his first collection which I’ll be reviewing, Selected Poems.

In news about my books, the first two have gone to various friends, including Joy Wood (who volunteered while we were talking on Saturday morning), I have had a bit of feedback so far. One is enjoying reading ‘Hidden Fire’ very much and has volunteered to edit it for me as she’s spotted quite a few spelling mistakes. She was going to print it out but baulked at 180+ pages. Reader number two has only just started reading it but likes the main character Lizzy. I’m pleased with the feedback so far; I hope to get some more in the next couple of months and start editing the books once I’ve finished book three. I’m six chapters and 8304 words in, I will be working on chapter seven this afternoon.

I’m working on another assignment for the creative writing course I’ve been doing since last January through the Writer’s Bureau. I’ve got two non-fiction assignments (including my current one) left to do and then I go on to the fiction section. If I don’t get on to the MA Creative Writing course this year for whatever reason, I’m going to try to finish the course I’m doing at the moment and then reapply for 2017 start. I’ve almost decided to decline the MA Science and Environmental Journalism course. I’m not prepared to get ten grand in to debt for something I’m not perfectly sure of and excited about. I have been accepted for the Postgraduate Student Loan, so finances are in place now if I do get on my preferred course.


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