Update: 25th July 2016

Good evening readers, I thought it might be time for a bit of an update, since I’ve been so quiet this month on the reviewing front. I’m tired. It’s the heat and the amount of light; I sleep at odd hours and I’m not really in the mood to look at a screen all day because my eyes hurt. 

In other news, I have been accepted on the MA Science and Environmental Journalism course (Lincoln University, part time, 2 years) and I have applied for my Postgraduate Student Loan to pay for it and for travelling expenses/food/etc. Before I knew I’d been accepted I looked at the MA Creative Writing (same university), because the course leader for the journalism course suggested it might be a more suitable course. I’m very impressed by the course of study and think it will suit me down to the ground. I had looked at it briefly but had dismissed the idea of applying for it when I saw the science and environmental journalism course. I applied for it, thinking I’d not got a place on the journalism MA and then saw that I had been accepted. So now I’ve applied for two, (three if you count the OU MA I applied for but am now umming and ahhing about because they want the best part of two grand in the next three weeks and I haven’t got two grand and to be honest I’m not impressed by their MA Creative Writing now that I’ve had a proper look at the Lincoln University MA Creative Writing) got in to one and I’m waiting to see about the other. I sent a portfolio of my work to the admissions team and I’m hoping it’s good enough to make up for my 3rd when they want 2:2’s. I shall keep you updated.

I have also started to allow other people to read the novels. Or at least the first drafts of the first two. Feedback has been good so far. I have three readers at the moment and a forth volunteer but I don’t have their email address to send the documents to. As soon as I do, I’ll have four readers. I’m looking for a fifth but haven’t found anyone yet. The feedback I have had has praised the plot, the world and tone. There are a few spelling mistakes apparently, but I expect that; I tend to write at strange hours of the day and night and I have a wayward littler finger that types when it shouldn’t. You should see how many times I have to correct words in these posts before I publish and even then I miss things.

I restarted work on the third novel today. I am now 5608 words and four chapters in; 3026 (two chapter) of those have been written this afternoon. I’m going to try to work on the novel every day now that I’ve had a six week writing rest and feel refreshed. It’s not been a complete writing rest: I have written a short story, made notes for my next creative writing course assignment and published a few blog posts since 10th June. I feel like the time spent sewing and reading has help my brain; I put a lot of effort in to getting the first two books finished in the first sis months of this year that I ran out of steam. Doing something else has helped me regain some energy and focus, and now I can get back on with writing. I find the same thing helps with temporary writer’s block. Go and do something else then come back to the writing.


I have a headache from dehydration now, so I’m going to stop looking at a computer screen, have some water and read a book, yes an actual, physical book. I’ve been sent a book called ‘South’ by Frank Owen to review straight from the publisher. At some point, when my laptop decides to cooperate I’ll share the press release with you all.






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