Update: 23th June 2016 – Life in general and blog posts to come

Good grief, it’s been over a week since I posted. You’re probably not bothered but if you are this is what have I been up to.

cake-1441358906GNsLast Friday was my 33rd birthday, it was very peaceful. My sister gave me chocolate and eggs for my birthday. Ever practical.

I spent the day reading.

Saturday one of my friends came round and we had a drink in front of the fire pit, and a catch-up.

On Sunday my cousin’s wife gave birth to their twin girls and I booked my summer holiday – three nights in Paris with my dudes; it’s the first time I’ve done anything like that, but I managed to book everything, including our seats on the flight (Extra legroom for us!), order my EHIC and my Post Office Holiday Money Card, and work out how we get from the airport to the hotel (train to Gare du Nord, ten minute walk – easy). We will be mostly visiting places associated with the television programme ‘Highlander’, as that is my friend’s favourite, and this is her thirtieth birthday adventure. I went to Download for mine. I am now broke and back to living on £30 a week if I’m lucky.

I’ve been pretty exhausted recently so if I’m not doing anything I’m usually collapsed somewhere reading, although I’m also working on a striped corner-to-corner blanket and odd sewing projects. I’ve been going swimming once a week, on a Tuesday. I started out ambitiously, swimming 64 lengths and spending two hours in the pool (at £3.20 a go I like to get my money’s worth), but that turned out to be a bit much so I’ve cut my target down to 48 lengths and an hour and a half in the pool.

Yesterday I went to Lincoln University for an informal open day, to look around and to talk to the MA Science and Environmental Journalism course leader (by the way, if you’re reading, Hi Gary). I’ve applied but I haven’t been offered a place, yesterday was a sort of interview. The entry requirement is a 2:2; unfortunately I was undiagnosed and unmedicated  fifteen years ago and that’ll really screw up studying. I only managed a third; to be honest Durham should probably have thrown me out in the first year so that I could get some treatment but I’m stubborn and Durham has a reputation to maintain, so I stayed and struggled and failed miserably. I don’t recommend it. If you’re heading to university this year, or at all, make use of the medical and student support services, it’s amazing how much help you can get.

Lincoln is lovely university, right in the centre of town, next to Brayford Pool, and five minutes from the train station. They have been investing huge amounts in new buildings for the maths and physics departments, and for psychology. They opened the first new Engineering department in 25  a couple of years back and are one of only three universities in the UK with a partnership with Siemens. They have some lovely accommodation, although the ‘partnership’ block we visited was more cramped than the on-campus accommodation. I didn’t get to see the new labs, disappointingly. I was really impressed by the newsroom I visited and the Journalism department generally. Lincoln University is very modern, only 20 years old, and fairly compact.

As I said, I doubt I’ll be offered a place on the course; because I have a third and not a 2:2 they’d have to make an exception for me, and the course has quite a lot of people on it already. Limited places and all that; it improves the study environment and allows tutors to focus on individual students. I don’t think it’s unreasonable, to be honest, to give the places to better qualified people, but I feel like struggling because of my condition at Durham has handicapped my ability to move forward and develop my career. Nobody will take me seriously to do a Masters with a third class BSc and I can’t get another Batchelors degree because I won’t get funding. There’s a chance I might get offered a deferred place for September 2017, which would be good. I might be well enough to work a couple of days a week then too and be able to escape ESA dependency. Also, the course leader had read my glyphosate post and was fairly complementary. It flowed well and told a story, which I’m quite happy with. I told him that I knew my degree was weak so I thought I’d show them what I can do instead.

I was in agony by the time I got home, and exhausted. The train was packed and I was squished even with a table seat. East Midlands Trains don’t have any space for long legs even at the table seats. I got trapped between seat and table trying to leave the train and fell over, I could barely walk by the time I got in, so mum had to collect me from the station.

Today has been quiet and I’ve been resting. My sister came to visit for lunch, I voted in the EU Referendum, and I’ve napped and read. I feel almost recovered from the trip to Lincoln yesterday. It’s bloody ridiculous, how us it I’m  knackered and in pain from one short trip, and other people manage to work five days a week and still have the energy to do stuff at the weekend? I’ve managed to make a purse using this pattern, or a modified version of it anyway, today.

What’s coming up this week?

Sleeping mostly, and reading.

I’m hoping to have a book review for you on Saturday or Monday. There may also be a post about disappearing reef islands in the Solomon Islands. I was reading a paper about it while I was on the train yesterday. 



Tomorrow I’m going to visit my oldest friend for take away and bitching. I’ll probably take my crochet.

I’m going to visit a place called Saxonhouse on Sunday with some people from a group I belong to. A couple have built a replica Saxon house on their land and we’re going to visit it. The house has recently been re-thatched so there will be a bit of a celebration. It should be interesting, and fun. I might write about the place if I get any enough information to make an decent post.

Next Wednesday my baby girls are at the vets to be spayed and a booster jab. That should be an adventure; I’ve got to get them there and back on the bus, need to drop them off at nine, go to sewing in the afternoon and then go and pick them up again later in the afternoon. Thursday and Friday next week are spoken for by my bed.

Random thought: Ezzie makes the most adorable snoring and huffing noises in her sleep.

And now I’m going to stop typing because my shoulder is hurting and I think I might go back to bed and read some more.






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