Evening, it’d be much more pleasant out if the wind would drop so I’m sat indoors reading instead of being outside enjoying my new garden chairs. I have a fire pit too, I need to get burny-burny things so I can set fire to marsh mallows and toast my toes in an evening. Yesterday wasn’t a good day; I slept badly on Saturday night and then forgot to take my medication until 2 p.m. By midday my brain was telling me I was an inconvenience to everyone and that nobody was answering my phone calls and text messages because they didn’t want to bother with me any more. Luckily mum rang and I talked to her, then a friend rang and made me laugh, so I was okay by about half three. Lesson: sufficient sleep and medication are essential to me staying sane.

Any way, this post is just an update to let you all know what’s coming up. I will be publishing a couple of reviews this week and probably a post about glyphosate. Why glyphosate? Because I keep getting ‘help us ban carcinogenic glyphosate’ emails from various associations and I want to actually read the papers the ‘glysophate is cancer causing’ idea is based on. I actually found the IARC monograph, but had to sign up on The Lancet website to read it. It’s on my tablet for train reading tomorrow. While I was at it I had a look at some open source journals and saved a few other papers about glyphosate to read.

I’m hoping to finish book two of the series this week as well, but that’s only provisional, depending on how my brain functions over the next few days. I also have, provisional, titles for the three books now: ‘Stuttering Embers’, ‘Fire Awakened’ and ‘Firestorm’. I need to do so much more work yet, including writing the third book from scratch before editing the first two, but it’s slowly coming together.

And just for fun, a song I’m tapping away on my laptop to:

I actually quite enjoy the whole album, it’s a slightly different sound to their earlier albums but the same subject matter.

I’m going back to reading about human evolution – we’ve got to the appearance of anatomically modern humans and the development of language. It’s quite interesting. Did you know gelada baboons sort of sing, and that everyone outside of Africa has the same L3 haplogroup mtDNA? Humans: we’re really inbred.

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