Update on sickness and other stuff, part two

I really don’t like the new post writing page, it’s irritating, and it formats my posts badly.

Anyway, on to the news.

I still have a cold, it’s just not as bad as it was. I managed to stay awake all day today and mum took me out shopping for half an hour. It’s the first time I’ve left the house for eight days. I’m still snotty and coughing but at least my eyes have stopped hurting, even if I am still struggling to breathe when I use stairs. It’ll get better, though I’ve had to cancel physio again because I won’t manage the walk to the doctors.

I’ve got my book reviews up to date, and managed to get through four while I’ve been in bed dying of a cold 😀 please go and read them 😀

Today, I finally sent in my online application for the MA in Science and Environmantal Journalism course at Lincoln University, after I realised I could photograph my certificate, transcript and passport and send them as attachments. I want to do it part time, to get me back in the swing of things. I’m not sure how it’ll work with my ESA but I can only try. I’ve been looking in to the new Postgraduate Loan and the Disabled Students Allowance that I might might be eligible for if I’m accepted on the course.

I’ve wanted to return to studying ever since I left university and I certainly want to go as far as I can , because I’m fairly certain I’m not stupid. I can’t be certain they’ll accept my application, I muffed up my BSc because I was dealing with undiagnosed mental health problems at the same time as trying to study at one of the most rigorous universities in England, and I haven’t been able to contact anyone about an academic reference. I’ve been in touch with the Chemistry department but the contact there (who used to be my NatSci tutor!) doesn’t remember me and so far I’ve heard nothing from my former dissertation advisor. I can’t blame them, I graduated in 2004, they’ve had hundreds of students through the department since then and I deliberately made myself forgettable.

Next up is to book myself on an Open Day at Lincoln to have a look round.

In completely unrelated news, someone called me a science hobbit the other day so I am now writing a story about a hobbit scientist set 1000 years after the events of The Lord of The Rings. You may get to see some of it.

Oh, and now my brain is back in gear, I have some science related blog posts I want to write. Because I like that sort of thing. Mostly, I just like reading about science and writing blog posts gives me an excuse to and then tell you all about it 😀



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