Review: ‘Pride and Regicide’ by Cathy Bryant


Published by: Crooked Cat Publishing

Publication date: 29th September 2015

ISBN: 9781910510612

Format: ebook

Price: £0.99 (for kindle edition)

Another of my finds


“The King? Dead? Here? Murdered? Regicide! Oh, heaven preserve us! Was it the French? Are they here? They will kill us all, and make us eat strange sauces.”

So says Mrs Bennet, but the king is not dead – Miss King is dead, and it looks like murder.

Three years after the events of Pride and Prejudice, and having long been considering the role of single women in society, Mary Bennet puts her formidable mind to work to solve the case. Armed only with philosophy, her best friend, Cassandra Lucas, and some nifty detective techniques involving embroidery, Mary discovers secrets and scandals that may make her the murderer’s next victim…

My Review

I’m spoiling you all today. two reviews in on afternoon. This one is on the much less serious subject of Murder! Intrigue! Money! Three years after her sisters get married Mary Bennet is still at Longbourn but less insufferable. Her best friend is Cassandra Lucas and together they have sensible conversations about philosophy, novels and clothes. When they witness Miss King’s fall from the church bell tower Mary is the only one to see a shadow. Gripped in the dead woman’s hand is a grey clove. Mr Leigh, Miss King’s cousin and heir, comes to Longbourn to help his aged uncle through the terrible matter of wrapping up her affairs. Mary takes on the task of getting justice for Miss King, reading through her papers and diary at Mr Leigh’s request. What she finds tells her all she needs to know to bring the murderer to justice. There are babies and marriages everywhere.

I really enjoyed this novel; I hope there will be more. It isn’t long, I read it in three hours, but it is a page turner and really kept me guessing. It’s fun, which is rather more than can be said for some P&P sequels, and well written. I liked the author’s characterisation and the development of Mary Bennet and other minor characters from P&P as fleshed out individuals. If you want an entertaining novel, a mystery, and like Jane Austen I recommend Pride and Regicide.



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