My companions, otherwise known as the Hell Hounds

Are complete and utter cowards. It rained earlier and the sound of rain on the windows had them in fits of terror normally reservered for Bonfire Night.

Since we moved into our own place they’ve been much more nervous because of all the strange sounds. The rumble of lorries on the road past the house, the aircraft flying overhead, the noises  from the neighbours – it’s amazing what you can hear through the  walls, they’re so thin. Sometimes it sounds like they’re in my house rather than their own.

It upsets my companions and that upsets me. It takes an hour to calm them down again if they call down at all.  Ezzie occasionally attacks the rocking chair, bounces up and down in my bedroom or charges at the window. Gyfa just yaps at everything. To be fair, she also gets comfused by programmes on the television, the number of times she’s looked behind it for the source of the strange noises she heard is beyond belief and highly amusing, or it would be if the same sensitivity didn’t mean she got stressed by odd noises.

I do not need my dogs getting stressed, it’s not good for them or me – I get stressed by them getting stressed, plus my sleep gets messed up when Ezzie gets scared in the night and tries to climb on to the pillow to get under my hair, or digs into the blanket. Tired and stressed makes me so much more unpleasant than I am when I’m merely stressed.

But that’s completely unimportant; the dogs getting stressed however is not unimportant. I have the words and techniques to deal with stress, doggies not so much. They’re dealing with constant stressors that they don’t understand and I can’t do anything to stop it because we can’t move anywhere quieter or at least away from the road and flight path. I feel like I’m failing them because I can’t find them a place to live that won’t stress them out. I’m supposed to look after them. Right now I need some ideas for keeping them calm – techniques or products you’ve tried? I probably have an unhealthy emotional attachment to Ezzie and Gyfa, at least by other people’s standards, but close attachments to canine people are incredibly common in my family.

Ezzie napping


Ezzie looking straight at the camera, little poser
Gyfa watching telly
Puppy pile

Better go, it’s getting on a bit.

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R Cawkwell

Hi I'm Rosemarie and I like to write. I write short stories and longer fiction, poetry and occasionally articles. I'm working on quite a few things at the minute and wouldn't mind one day actually getting published in print.

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