Random slow cooker recipe

Hola peeps, it’s a nice day outside so I’ve been for a walk to the butchers and green grocers for beef and leeks.

Drat! I forgot to add the potatoes to the slow cooker. Back in a minute.

So, I’m back again now. This is who I have a slow cooker, I forget things.

I’ve been getting a small fruit and veg box every two weeks from a local community garden called Green Futures in Grimsby. They’re very responsive to customer needs. I needed more fruit so they added more fruit and took some veg out. What they usually have is potatoes, onions and carrots. I’ve been getting plenty of broccoli too. I love broccoli so I’m very happy about that. The carrots, onions and potatoes have been accumulating though and I don’t want to waste them so I’ve been considering making stew. Stew is easy, unfortunately I have a tendency to burn stew if I make it in the pan; I am saved by the slow cooker. I have been cautious about putting raw meat in the slow cooker but I’ve experimented with beef in the past and it worked well.

It’s simple really; turn the slow cooker on to warm up. Next, put 400g of diced stewing beef in to the slow cooker, add carrots, onions, leeks, swede, parsnips and potatoes, in whatever portions you have available and prefer. Add herbs, I added rosemary and thyme because I like them. Next make up the gravy; I used Bisto granules  and a concentrated stock pot thing, adding about 1.5 litres in total of boiling water to the gravy granules and stock concentrate to make the gravy. Pour in to the slow cooker and put the lid on.

Leave to cook until the meat is tender. Serve in a nice big bowl. I’m going to steam some broccoli and frozen green beans to add to mine when I eat it.

Going to read now,




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