Landlust sample pack

I got home from a trip to the butcher and grocer to find a parcel at my back door. Baffled, I opened it up and found this delightful package from Landlust. Ignore my slightly untidy kitchen.



Landlust is new to the UK but is based on Germany. The package contains the two issues of the magazine published so far, a mug, a sample of Tea Pig tea and Border Biscuits.

The free samples
As soon as I poured water on the tea it bloomed. It’s loose leaf tea in a very fine, compostable bag.

Only been brewing for a minute and it looks good. Now to taste. After I brew it a bit longer.

The biscuits are crunchy and fresh. I especially liked the Butterscotch Biscuits. Lovely taste and texture.

The tea was quite pleasant and fairly strong. I take my tea with a drop of milk and a spoon of honey (sugar of honey unavailable). I couldn’t taste the honey, so it’s a decent strength.

The magazines

Glossy, heavy, full colour photographs. £4.00 an issue, 130 pages,quarterly magazine.

There’s a mix of practical gardening instruction and plant information, recipes, crafts – including carpentry and crochet, a little history and outdoor skills, such as falconry and the uses of sheep fleeces. The magazine is definitely aimed at a general market (some of the historical information is simplified) and definitely has a German bent to it. This isn’t surprising since it’s published in Höchberg and the editor is German, as are most of the contributors. It’s actually an interesting twist on the usual lifestyle magazines available, seeing things from a different perspective. (Also, I’ve just learnt how to use umlauts on a laptop.)

Considering the quality and variety of the magazine and it’s contents, I think £4.00 a quarter is a reasonable price.



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