Review: ‘A World From Dust’ by Ben McFarland


A World From Dust

How the Periodic Table Shaped Life

by Ben McFarland

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Shared from WordPress – Garlic Bread of the Revolution

Garlic Bread of the Revolution –

I’ve made bread today because of this post from Gods&Radicals; as ever it’s made from whatever I had in the cupboard. This one has dried rosemary in it, a bit of rapeseed oil, honey, salt, dried yeast, flour and water. Not much in the way of measures since I do everything by eye and touch – I know when the dough is right.
The bread is rising at the minute, and the butter for the garlic butter is softening on the side. I will be making garlic bread later 🙂

Going out to tidy the back garden now and consider what I need to do to get it productive this year.

My brain is a bit wobbly today so I think being outside will be good for me but I’m not up to walking the dogs. They’re fine with that, they’re sunbathing in my bedroom 🙂

Edit: the bread is almost cooked and looks lovely. The garlic and herb butter is made. The loaf is so big I’ll have to cut a piece off to make the garlic bread with.

Further edit: I have garlic bread, it is amazing. Bow before my culinary skills.

Actually, don’t bow down to me, or anybody else. It’s bad for your back.

Gravitational waves

Since I’m writing about science at the minute it might seem like a good idea to write about the LIGO discovery earlier this week of gravitational waves, the final prediction of Einstein’s 1916 Theory of General Relativity to be confirmed. This could be tricky, I only have a glancing understanding of relativity, I’ll have a go though.

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The niece wanted to know

How glow sticks work. It’s quite handy that I happened to write my dissertation, way back in 2003, on the subject of luminescence since that’s what we’re talking about. Unfortunately, I can’t find my dissertation or my OHP slides – yes we were still using overhead projectors at Durham University in the early 2000’s – so I’ve actually had to look things up, mostly Jablonski diagrams. I had a really good one that I used for my dissertation, but like I said, I can’t find them.

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Short story: The Dress

Hello, it’s been a while since I inflicted my story telling abilities on you, my dear readers, but today I found a marvellous prompt on’s Write Now post.

This is my at least five minutes of writing. Once I’m finished I’m going back to the novel, book two. I finished the first draft of book one yesterday! I’m very happy with myself.

He considered his options carefully as he stared across the desk at the unhelpful customer service agent.

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