Happy New Year’s Eve


I’ve been quiet, haven’t I? I haven’t forgotten you, and I’m busy working my way through a variety of books so I can review them for you, but I have been very ill. This cold isn’t giving up easily and I’ve had to spend three days in bed. I’ve also had a household appliance crisis. My fridge freezer died on Christmas Day; the funeral is this afternoon, just as soon as the replacement gets delivered. I’ve been using the freezer as a refrigerator, my kitchen is colder than the fridge. I’m getting quite worried about the cheese.

I’ve had to dump some food that has gone off and I’ve cooked up some of the meat so that I can refreeze it this afternoon as meals, but I need liver or I’ll have to dump loads of sausage and bacon. I am not binning bacon. I’m going to have to cook the fish up as well and feed it to the dogs. I tried cooking some salmon to flake and store in the freezer-fridge to have as snacks but it didn’t work too well – cheap salmon – so I’m not going to risk it with the river basa.

I don’t like wasting food, especially after this year when I’ve been so close to having nothing to eat. Luckily for me my family bought me food, but there are so many others who haven’t got that luxury. The local food larder, run by CARE, has fed 400+ people in Immingham this year, that’s about 3% of the population; many more than last year, according to the leaflet CARE has put out. When people are so desperate it seems wrong to throw out food. I am going to donate to the food larder this year, I have a couple of tins of veg in the cupboard from the hamper my Gran gave me for Xmas that I won’t eat, and rather than throw them I’ll donate so other people can benefit. I’ve been thinking about dropping tins in monthly, if I have a spare bit of cash I can buy a few tins or packets of dry food – cereals, rice, pasta – and take them to the larder when I go to sewing club. It’ll depend on funds, of course.

The weather has been terrible hasn’t it? Rain and wind for days. It’s not raining at the moment but the wind is picking up. I need to go out to get a few bits, I just hope I can make it to the shops and back – the wind drives the breath from my lungs. There hasn’t been any flooding here, thank the gods, but in other parts of the country they aren’t so lucky. What a horror, being flooded out at this time of year! It feels like people are just recovering from the last set of bad floods and another lot comes along.

Worsening winter storms were one of the predictions made by climate models; I don’t think there’s any doubt we are reaping the rewards of arrogance and selfishness, climactically speaking. This year continues the trend of a warming climate, each year has been warmer than the last. The government pays lip service to climate care and environmental policies but acts contrary to them. The present and last government has underfunded flood defence in false austerity and supported climate damaging  industries while damaging the renewable energy industry. We’re suffering for their greed, as ever.

Before I go further in to rant mode, I’m going to go out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, before I have to rearrange my kitchen so that the new fridge-freezer can be delivered and the old one disposed on in a responsible manner.






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