My Hounds are in season; no evening walks for us.

Evening all,

My hell hounds have come in to season today. No walks for them for a week. We do not want puppies in this house, thank you very much. We all enjoy our evening walk though, so it might be a strain; if I take myself for an evening walk alone I’ll feel weird, I’m not having the best of times at the moment; I haven’t really been feeling great for a few weeks, but haven’t wanted to write about it. I’m feeling very low, if I’m honest. I haven’t really left the house much and I don’t want to be around people. Mum took me shopping this afternoon because I ran out of dog food and bread. I had to go to work on Wednesday afternoon too, and tomorrow afternoon as well. I’ll cope, because I have too, but mostly I want to cry, sleep and stare at walls. My evening walk with the dogs usually cheers me up a bit and wakes me up when I’m getting prematurely tired. Gyfa isn’t a happy hound at the moment, she’s been clingy for the last few days (more clingy than usual), and has been making some funny noises this afternoon. My poor pretty-kitty, can’t even take paracetamol like humans can. Ezzie isn’t fussed so long as she can nap next to me and have snacks (doggy snacks only, although they did snaffle a couple of Galaxy Counters each yesterday).

Honestly, I can’t find the energy to write much more tonight, although I have a few ideas for posts to write when I feel a bit better. I have managed to get 14000 words written on my novel since the beginning of the month. I really want to get the first draft finished by the end of the month. I’m trying to bridge the gap between what I’ve written so far and the short story I originally wrote that spawned the novels I’m working on. I’m going to have to change parts of the short story to make it fit in and I need to take out a lot of the background stuff that’s unnecessary as the ending of a novel but needed in a short story.

I gave myself a kick yesterday and looked through the feedback I’ve got from my last assignment, making a few changes to the article I wrote for the assignment. I also emailed a magazine offering them the article (it’s about taking dogs travelling on trains). I wait with bated breath for a response.

As I was writing that, an email arrived; my query email has been received and will be passed on to the editor.

As I was saying, I’ve moved on to look at the next assignment; this one is about travel writing. I don’t travel much and I can’t imagine anyone would be interested in visiting Immingham, it’s hardly a tourist destination. The only idea I have is something about the Pilgrim Fathers. An American magazine might be interested I suppose.

I actually feel slightly better after writing this down, although I do still want to cry.

Ezzie and Gyfa are trying to help me write so I think I’ll stop writing now.

Ezzie, Gyfa and me, writing
Ezzie, Gyfa and me, writing

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