Lincoln book haul

I went to Lincoln with my sister for her 30th birthday today; I only bought six books..

From my favourite independent book shop, Lindum Books (4 Bailgate, Lincoln, LN1 3AE):

Ian C Esslemont
Return of the Crimson Guard

Mark Charan Newton
Nights of Villjamur
City of Ruin


Dorothy Whipple
The Priory

And from the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology’s Jew’s Court Bookshop (Steep Hill, Lincoln):

Kevin Leahy
The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Lindsey

Both shops sell second hand and new books, and are housed in historic buildings which are interesting in themselves.

The books I bought have made me very cheery tonight for several reasons. The Esslemont books complete my Malazan collection.


I really liked the Dorothy Whipple book I bought last time I visited Lindum, and I really love the binding Persephone books have. It’s such high quality. I was pleased to be able to find another book by the same author and the lady in Lindum Books was very knowledgeable. You don’t get that sort of service in a chain book shop.

I was pleased to support the SLHA with my purchase, especially since finding books specifically about Lindsey isn’t always easy.

I ache quite badly; Steep Hill is a (well-named) killer and I’ve become more unfit since I last went to Lincoln. I really need to work on that. Back to the regular long walks it is.


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