Imperial Wars and Spiritual Costs


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As I write this Russian bombers continue to detonate thousands of pounds of explosives on Syrian heads; American trained rebels/terrorists are vowing revenge, going so far as to pledge to begin cutting off the heads and eating the hearts of any Russians they can find; In an attempt to win hearts and minds(not in Syria of course, but the rest of the world) both nations have ramped up their respective propaganda machines to plead that they, and they alone, are fighting for the “right” side in Syria.

We, as Anti-Capitalists and Spirit-Workers, must see past this flimsy web of illusion.

There is no “right” side in Syria, there are no “good guys.” What we have are two massive capitalist powers battling over regional control and resources, the human cost of such adventures not even registering on the radar.

The U.S. is waging a strategic war in the hopes…

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