I’m not eating again

The last week or so has been a bit hit and miss. I haven’t been eating properly and I’ve been spending.money when I shouldn’t. I haven’t been leaving the house much and when I do I’m always exhausted when I get back.
The last two days I’ve eaten one meal a day. I went to Sewing Club this afternoon, became overheated and faint. Luckily we have water and biscuits, Mum was there to bring me home after, and I went shopping. I now have more porridge in the cupboard and fruit, so I’ll eat breakfast for the next week (until I go shopping again) and some fruit squash so I’ll actually drink enough fluid. For some reason I’ve gone off the taste of water.

I rang Mum after I finally ate something today – tagliatelli with diced chicken, bacon lardons, ans mixed vegetables in cheese sauce followed by a slice of homemade chocolate cake (for some reason yesterday I was obsessed with baking cake which is why I keep packets of cake mix in the cupboard. They take about as long to make as my attention span will last, ten minutes. Then I put the timer on the oven on, so that I remember to take the cake out). I’ve asked Mum to make me a chart so I can record when I’ve eaten and what, and whether I’ve exercised. I need to be able to see what I’ve done or I forget to eat. I had my best weeks, in terms of self-care, when I had a food diary pinned to the fridge. The Health Trainer didn’t give me anymore last time I went so I’ve been flailing around struggling to eat. Mum has internets and a printer so she’s going to see what she can find or she’ll create a table for me.

I need internets and a printer. The dogs agree it would make our lives easier.


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