Review: Ecology and Religion

By John Grim, Mary Evelyn Tucker


PUBLISHER Island Press
ISBN 9781597267083
PRICE $27.50 (USD)
EDITION Paperback
PUBLICATION DATE 3rd November 2013

From the Psalms in the Bible to sacred rivers in Hinduism, the natural world has been integral to the world’s religions. John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker argue that today’s growing environmental challenges make the relationship ever more vital.

The authors explore the history of religious traditions and the environment, and the emergence of religious ecology. They then describe four fundamental aspects of religious life: orienting, grounding, nurturing, and transforming. Readers see how these phenomena are experienced in a Native American religion, Orthodox Christianity, Confucianism, and Hinduism. In this concise primer, Grim and Tucker elegantly illustrate religion’s role in sustaining people and ecosystems. Students of environmental ethics, theology and ecology, world religions, and environmental studies will receive a solid grounding in the burgeoning field of religious ecology.

My review

Hello, I’m back to bring you a review; for those wondering, I’m a little more stable after spending a weekend in isolation with my books. I got through three PC Peter Grant, Apprentice Wizard books on Saturday and Sunday, I’ve reviewed all of them I think (I must remember to up date the index), but rereading the middle three I’ve picked up jokes and clues I didn’t the first time round (an argument of wizards!). I might try to check Facebook, Twitter and WordPress every other day or so, since I’m still agitated by things.

But on with the review.

It feels like I have a thing about reading textbooks, Ecology and Religion is definitely not the first one I’ve read this year. I did enjoy it though, it covered an area of study that is interesting and which I’ve never covered before. I think the language level is appropriate, the examples helpful and questions posed at the end of each chapter will, or should, stretch the capabilities of students.

The book was published almost two years ago, and unfortunately that shows. I think an updated edition, covering the new Pope’s environmental pronouncements could be useful. In addition, wider coverage of indigenous traditions from parts of the world other than North America would be useful.

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