Disappearing for a while.

Every now and then I reduce the time I spend online, for my own good. This is one of those times; usually I suspend my Facebook account and take the Twitter app off my phone, but WordPress is going too this time.

I’m not in a good place at the moment. My head is fuzzy and I’m trying not to cry all the time. I’m exhausted.

The last two weeks have been busy, by my standards and I need some space. I’m tired so much of the time and I need some quiet to sort out my head. I’m going to avoid people as much as I can, for a few days.

Also, there’s all sorts of news/posts/comments online that’s difficult for me to deal with at the moment. Anything about mental health issues, feminism, refugees, the news in general, etc.seems to bring out the nasty in people. I can’t be doing with the overdose of toxic ignorance at the moment, especially when I’m browsing my Reader looking for interesting blogs to read and getting hit by other people’s cruelty. So it’s time for an internet holiday too.

If I don’t respond to comments, tweets or facebook posts, I’m not ignoring people, I just need some space; I’ll respond when I’m feeling a bit better. I will be checking emails but not necessarily answering them unless they’re urgent.

It’s possible I won’t respond to What’sApp or text messages from people as well, so nobody panic (for those who aren’t aware, my posts get shared to Facebook and Twitter – this is the easiest way to let family and friends know I’m going in to hibernation).

Bye, for now,




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