Review: ‘Finding Masculinity’, Edited by Alexander Walker


Finding Masculinity
Female to Male Transition in Adulthood
Alexander Walker

Riverdale Avenue Books
ISBN 9781626011861
PRICE $9.99 (USD)


Finding Masculinity is a collection of stories from a small cross section of the transgender male community that shares insight into the diversity of life experiences of transgender men, beyond the traditional narrative.

This anthology examines the many facets of life that transition impacts; transitioning on the job, emotional and spiritual growth, family, navigating the medical community, as well as romantic relationships. The stories within come from scientists, teachers, fathers, veterans, and artists who share how being visible as the masculine humans they identify as has developed, changed, and evolved their sense of masculinity.


It’s not unknown for me to say I don’t like people. It’s not strictly true; I don’t enjoy being around other people much, but I do find other people interesting, especially those whose life experiences are different to my own. I am curious about everything, and especially the experiences of others; there’s much I will never experience for one reason or another, so the only way to learn is to listen to those who have and are interested in talking about their experiences. That’s why I requested this book; it’s one thing to have a theoretical understanding of transition, but another to hear about the lived experience of those who have been, or are going, through transition.

I found this book enlightening and moving. Unfortunately, because of the formatting or possibly my e-reading program I lost the section about relationships, although the sections about family, work and medical care were interesting. This is a very important addition to the trans* literature.



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