Vikings, Or, Floki is fabulous!

vikings-gustaf-skarsgardI’ve finally managed to watch the first two episodes of Vikings. I’m only three series behind everyone else…

Apart from telling the characters off for having their dragon heads on the ship in home waters and finding their complete ignorance of the existence of England unlikely, I enjoyed it.

Floki is a 6’4″ excitable puppy. It’s adorable.




2 thoughts on “Vikings, Or, Floki is fabulous!

  1. Floki is a remarkable character. I feel I can tell you without giving anything away that he also has an incredible amount of depth that isn’t explored until much later.

    1. One of my friends has seen all three series on Amazon Prime, so I have some idea of the plot and character development. I really want to get them on DVD so I can see for myself.

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