Medical Assessment: Cancelled

I was supposed to have my medical assessment for my ESA this morning.

We got there at half eight and waited until 8:45 a.m. when they opened. We went in, and I handed over my appointment letter. I started filling in the I.D. form while the receptionist (no name tag) checked the computer or something. Just as I’d signed the form and slid it through with my passport she came back and checked my address, then told me they’d cancelled the appointment. Apparently a letter was sent on 6th August.

Funny that, even second class post should have got from Grimsby to Immingham in six days. I checked my post when I got home, the cancellation notification still hasn’t arrived.

The woman was very apologetic and said it was because the practitioner I was supposed to see wasn’t in this week, and that they would send a letter with another appointment. I asked for a copy of the cancellation letter but she couldn’t get one.

Considering how tired I am – yay insomnia – and how anxious I got about the appointment, I’m surprised at how calm I was. Other than shaking and blotchy faced, and trying not to cry. I wasn’t even frustrated about the late cancellation. I should be, I should be angry and scared that the DWP will say I didn’t attend and sanction me because they like doing that sort of thing, but mostly I don’t feel anything. I’m too worn out and emotionally numb. Later I might feel something.

I am getting my expenses paid though, so if the DWP try to claim that I didn’t go I’ve got a bit of back up, plus my sister was a witness and I’ll be on the CCTV cameras.

Naptime now, then to the library!

Have a good day

Update: I got a letter by first class post this morning telling me my appointment has been rescheduled to early September. I don’t believe for one second that they actually sent me a cancellation notification last week. A first class letter doesn’t take a week to travel eight miles.


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