2nd August 2015

For those of you that haven’t realised yet, I’m a polytheist, that is I believe in and worship many gods. I’m quite comfortable with this although I get that some people might find it a) odd or b) confusing. Or both.

I suspect many of my old school/university friends – some of whom may read this on Facebook – and most of my family, assume I’m either an atheist or Christian and will answer a and b. That’s fine, I’ve no problem with that. As confusing as it may seem to people who know me as being quite interested in science and history, facts and logic, I understand that such a statement is unexpected. To me however, such a stance – I believe in many gods who have an independent existence and Wyrd of their own – makes perfect sense because I’m quite capable of looking at the world through different eyes and separating different ‘realities’. How do I reconcile these different realities? Well, for a start, I don’t assume they are in opposition; instead they’re pieces of my personal puzzle.

The ‘scientist/history/language geek’ eyes see the world one way, and the ‘polytheist’ eyes see the world in a way that complements them. It’s not that difficult. These two realities actually work well together; people, places and languages change with time, knowledge grows. And so do the gods. What was appropriate a thousand or fifteen hundred years ago, based on the lifestyle of the majority of the population, and the level of scientific and technological knowledge available (for example, until we had the technology to grind glass lenses smoothly we couldn’t make effective microscopes or telescopes so we had to rely on naked eyes, which limited understanding of the universe) is not necessarily appropriate now. We have vastly different lives and our knowledge of the universe has expanded, the world has changed, and the gods haven’t been sleeping for centuries. I don’t think so anyway. I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re as interested in the world as ever. They were just waiting for us to become interested in them again.

How they ‘fit’ in the grand scheme o’things is something I’m trying to work out still. There’s space for everyone somewhere in an expanding universe.

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