Vikings, Or, Floki is fabulous!

vikings-gustaf-skarsgardI’ve finally managed to watch the first two episodes of Vikings. I’m only three series behind everyone else…

Apart from telling the characters off for having their dragon heads on the ship in home waters and finding their complete ignorance of the existence of England unlikely, I enjoyed it.

Floki is a 6’4″ excitable puppy. It’s adorable.



Mortality stats are finally published

It’s taken several organisations and individuals making F.O.I requests and a petition to get the information, but the DWP has finally issued the mortality statistics for those claiming EAS, IB and SDA. About 4,000 of those deaths occurred after work capability assessments said the claimants were fit for work.

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The DisEnchanted Kingdom


Bodiam Castle

Once upon a time, an evil wizard wanted to enslave the world.

He really didn’t have any good reason to enslave people, except he was a very lazy evil wizard and didn’t want to do stuff for himself.  Also, he liked shiny things, and nice things, and liked to be comfortable.

Other evil wizards were trying to enslave the world, too, but they only managed to enslave bits of it.  A small kingdom here, a large village there, but not the entire world.  Worse, none of the wizards could hold onto their slaves for very long.  They’d keep escaping, or would throw the wizards out of towers.  And this made all the evil wizards sad, because though they were powerful, a pitchfork through the stomach really ruined their day.

This evil wizard had a name, but he cast a spell of forgetting and so I don’t remember it.  Do you…

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A Prayer for Baalshamin

Stone of Destiny

There are madmen in the streets.

These men burn and loot the ancient temples, destroying the ancient symbols of belief.  The statues and engravings, the urns, the altars and even the great stone columns are toppled from their foundations.  History and tradition are rendered into broken fragments, reduced to dust.

There are madmen in the streets.

These men kidnap, and torture, and execute any who do not believe as they do.  The priests of the temple, the men of great learning, and those unfortunate women who do not dress with the proper modesty, of course they all must die, publicly, painfully, for such are the wages of sin.

There are madmen in the streets.

These men shout religious slogans while waving their weapons in the air, and still our leaders stand by, paying lip-service to their role as keepers of the peace.  With each new Emperor comes harsher decrees against…

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“Political Correctness” is a myth, now stop being dicks

Spherical Bullshit

Last night, I ended up briefly channel hopping (you know, kids, that’s a thing we used to do before Netflix) and came across a BBC Four interview where some old, white-haired bearded guy was talking pretentiously in an interview about some arts subject or other. I forget the details, but suddenly, and seemingly apropos of nothing, he launched into some great tirade against “political correctness”.

“I’m sick of political correctness!” he moaned, “Where will it end?!” he screamed, practically jumping out of his chair and being the most animated he had been so far in the interview. Someone had apparently done something (I dunno, something like casting an actual black guy as Othello, that kind of madness) and my, my, was he angry about it.

The details are mere salad dressing and not worth my time to check out via iPlayer, the point is that this was an absurdly…

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PH9 – how mad am I today?

The PH9 questionnaire is something I fill in almost every time I visit my counselor, and regularly when I visit the doctor. It’s supposed to measure how depressed or anxious you are by asking questions about the previous fortnight. The score determines your level of depression.
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Bees in the field

And in my garden,
And in my house.

Yep, I have bees living in the brickwork over my front porch. The neighbours say they have a nest in their front garden, by the front wall of the house, too. Sometimes the bees do fly into the house, but then we have a conversation about scaring the dogs and they leave again.

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100ish days of Tory rule – or 1725 to go until the next election

Trade Onion by Jon Bigger

Just over a hundred days in and the message is still the same – we need resistance on the streets.

What happens to Labour isn’t the issue. What the Tories do and can get away with while Labour is squabbling internally is the issue. We face the possibility of a split Oppostion or a neoliberal one that doesn’t actually attack the government on policy. Well done.

Resistance should be welcomed wherever it’s found and let’s face it Corbyn would be better than any of the other three but when it comes to changing things we can’t wait for 1700 days. We can’t just allow them a free ride until then.

When I won a spectacular 65 votes in the general election in May I used my victory speech to call on people to get onto the streets and fight Tory rule in their communities. There is still a lot of…

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Dahut At the Floodgate

Rhyd Wildermuth

This is part of a series of posts I’ve realized I’ve needed to write for awhile but am only now understanding why.  This is also a review of Many Gods West, as much as an organizer can possibly review his own event.  But also not a review–a report, and a revelation, and a manifesto.

Dahut, for those unfamiliar, is a Breton sea witch, daughter of the ‘Queen of the North,’ responsible for the drowning of the Isle of Ys, banished by St. Corentin for her ‘crimes.’  She’s likely a Mari-Morgan, and appears to have some relationship to the cults of Arianrhod.

Sunset over Caer Arianrhod Sunset over Caer Arianrhod

Aranrot drem clot tra gwawr hinon,
Mwyhaf gwarth y marth o parth Bryth(r)on:
Dysbrys am y llys efnys afon,
Afon a’e hechrys gwrys gwrth terra,
Gwenwyn y chynbyt kylch byt ed a.

Aranrot whose beauty surpasses the radiance of dawn,
Her terrifying was the greatest…

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Review: ‘The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet’ by Becky Chambers


The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Becky Chambers

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Pub Date Aug 20, 2015   
Edition: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781473619791
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