Taties and peas.


There would be more peas if I didn’t eat them as I was picking them 😀

The potatoes were grown in a repurposed shopping bag. I had half a dozen seed potatoes – a first early variety – and planted them in layers. As the shoots appeared I covered them with more compost until the bag was full. I’ve been watering them regularly until the last week; since the top growth died back I decided to leave it. This morning I emptied the bag and collected my potatoes. They’re just the right size for salad potatoes; now to find suitable storage.

I’m getting as many peas as is in the photography every two to three days. I sometimes miss a pod until it’s swollen but I don’t mind, as I quite like the extra crunchyness.

I have a single, solitary chilli on my plants and my tomatoes are looking pretty pitiful too. I might have more later in the summer. My broad beans have put in lots if flowers but no fruit so far; I think I might need to talk to the bees about that. I’m not paying them good pollen for the to miss half my plants 🙂 Talking of broad beans, now they’re at the top of the supports I’ve pinched out the tops to make them bush out slightly.

Also while I was out in the garden this morning I pulled up my red onions. Not bad harvest, 75% success rate, considering the battle I had to keep the dogs off the raised bed when they first went in. They’re a bit small but I don’t mind, and I still have some sets left; I might plant them in the front garden and see if I can get a second crop this year.


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