I harvested my first fresh peas from the garden this morning; they did not last long. I had then as a mid-morning writing snack.
All the heat and rain has really brought the plants on. My tomato plants are getting big and I have a few tomatoes on them. They’re cherry tomatoes and they haven’t ripened yet but soon they will. My chilli plants are, unexpectedly, doing quite well. So far I have one chilli ripening, and several more flowers.

My onions aren’t doing fantastically, but I think they just need more time to bulk up, and I’m waiting to see if I get anything from the broad bean plants. They’ve only just started looking like they might flower.

They’re no pears on my potted pear trees. I had one on each but they’ve both fallen off.

I need to check the front flower bed tomorrow, and probably do some weeding. I should cut the lawn as well, but I love the colours of the clover. Also the bees need their food.


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