Words for Sale: A Critical Political Economy of Paganism

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by Jonathan Woolley Image created by Tax Credits, sourced from Flickr, used under a Creative Commons Licence. A couple of days ago, Rhyd wrote an excellent essay on the Faustian pact of Google Analytics, and other similar software packages. Sure, you get all sorts of interesting information out, he…

Review: ‘Buddhism for Dudes’ by Gerry Stribling

Buddhism for Dudes: A Jarhead’s Field Guide to Mindfulness Gerry Stribling Published by: Wisdom Publications Edition: Paperback ISBN: 9781614292296 Price: $14.95 (USD) Publication Date: 25th August, 2015   

Review: Stormbringer by Alis Franklin

Stormbringer Book 2 of the Wyrd Alis Franklin Published by: Random House Publishing Group – Hydra Edition: Ebook ISBN: 9780553394627 Price: $2.99 (USD) Publication Date: 21st July, 2015 Blurb Ragnarok—aka the end of the world—was supposed to doom the gods as well. Instead, it was a cosmic rebooting. Now low-level IT tech and comic-book geekContinue reading “Review: Stormbringer by Alis Franklin”