Writing update

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote about my writing; it’s the end of the month almost so it seems a reasonable time to update you.

First draft of the first novel in the trilogy: not yet complete despite my determination to get it done this month but I’m almost there. Another couple of weeks should see it finished. Then I’m going to ignore it, work on novel two and then three. Three is going to be the hard one because other than a sketchy outline of half of it I haven’t got much work done.

Freelance writing: nothing doing at the moment although I’m putting together some outlines and researching potential markets.

Writing course: I got my third assignment back. My tutor is impressed and suggested adding a couple of things, then submitting. I had to use a bit of artistic license to write the assignment but I’m almost at the point where it’s no longer they case. When I get where I want to be in relation to the article I’ll modify it a little, add the extra details my tutor requested and submit an outlined to the market I’m targeting. As for my current assignment, I’ve done the first half and that’s helped generate a few more ideas that I need to outline and write (this is what I meant above). I need to wait until the middle of July before I can afford more research material – I’ve had an idea but I need to look through a certain market to see if it’ll be appropriate for any magazines in that market. So that’s next – getting my research material (magazines) together and looking for a suitable one to submit my outline to.

Being poor is no fun and trying to help myself out of poverty is slowed by that poverty. Never ending cycle. That my poverty is caused by a mental health condition is no fun either. I can’t work full time because the effects involve suicidal ideation and other fun, fun stuff. Part time work is hard to get and most of it is zero hours contracts – that being said I have a small job now with anywhere between nothing and nine hours a week. The extra pennies will help pay the rent because Housing Benefit and ESA sure as hell doesn’t.

That leaves me (and others with disabilities that limit our working hours) with the option of working for myself, but again with the lack of money and resources. Also, because I’m on ESA and doing my little job as permitted work I can’t really work for myself as well. Permitted work is a way for people to ease themselves into work over a 52 week period while still receiving benefits. However you can only work 16 hours a week. If I’m already working nine hours at my little job then I’m left with six for working for myself. I’m not even sure it’s allowed for me to be self-employed and employed as permitted work at the same time. I’d ring and ask but I can’t afford the charges.

Best be going,




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