The HAES® files: From Dieter to Freedom

I agree with the writer of this post about WW being abusive; you’re never good enough, never doing it right and every six months the plans change just to keep you buying their products. I tried WW and Slimming World repeatedly. WW was definitely the worst, always noting every little bit of food, obsessing constantly about food, feeling a useless failure after the first few weeks of losing a few pounds because I’d started putting weight back on. It was horrible. And expensive; I was either unemployed or on a low income a lot of the time and trying to find the money every week for meetings and then their products was difficult, and the reason I stopped going. Why pay for someone else to make me miserable, I can do that on my own.
Thanks to Lara Frater at the HAES blog for writing this blog post.

Health At Every Size® Blog

by Lara Frater

Trigger warning: bullying and disordered eating 

In 2003, when I started writing my book Fat Chicks Rule, I was very early in my anti-dieting journey. It had been less than a year since I ended 17 years of being on one diet or another. None of the diets were successful except to destroy my self-esteem, my intuitive eating, and even my risk taking (haven’t we all told ourselves, “When I lose the weight, I’ll do X…”?)

While in elementary school, I had been teased rather mercilessly by several bullies. This abuse included emotional and occasionally physical taunts. Physical abuse, for the most part, had intervention from my parents. For the emotional abuse, I was essentially told to walk it off or that I was being too sensitive.

The abuse stopped around junior high and by eighth grade, it had mostly petered out. However, after years of…

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