7th June 2015

Good afternoon readers,

I haven’t talked about my depression in a while have I?

That might be because, relatively speaking, I’m not doing too badly. I feel low fairly often but I haven’t been suicidally miserable for about six weeks. The key for me, I’ve found, is to take things steadily. That means not overdoing social or physical activities, and keeping clear days inmy diary so I can collapse if necessary.

This does mean that when I find a new job it’ll have to be part time since being around people all the time is mentally overwhelming and physically exhausting. As I receive ESA at the moment I can apply to do ‘permitted work’, wherein for 365 days may work up to 15 hours and 59 minutes a week, if I get permission from a decisionmaker at the DWP.

With this in mind, (working at an ESA contact centre did come in useful after all, even if it did trigger my recent illness) I applied for a part time job supervising LitUK and PSA tests for a local branch of Learn Direct. I got the job and started my training yesterday. I’m back there Monday and Wednesday to do somemore training and then I should find out what my shift pattern will be. At most I’ll be working ten hours a week. Once I know all the details I can send the form off to the DWP.

It’s not a lot of hours but it’s a steady start. I can maybe find another part time job to work around it. I think I’d be able to manage a total of 25 to 30 hours a week without too much danger to my mental health, but I need to.work up to it. I’m also going to try to start my own business, freelance writing, and hand made keyrings – I’m working on that one, I shall probably have to go to craft fairs and such. I don’t expect I’ll be making huge amounts of money but I’d rather be independent than rely on our unreliable welfare state now that the poor-hating Tories are in charge for another five years.


In other news, did you hear about the Yarl’s Wood Detention Center protest yesterday? The hashtag #setherfree was all over my Twitter yesterday, so naturally I looked stuff up. Mostly on WordPress because I was tired yesterday evening, and found an interesting, if disturbing, blog post about Yarl’s Wood. It seems that detainees are treat worse than prisoners, yet haven’t actually committed any crimes. Cameras aren’t allowed inside so conditions are unknown, but those released in the past tell horrific stories if neglect and abuse, especially of the mentally ill.

I shared a particular blog post on Twitter and someone tried to troll me. Luckily, I didn’t see their nonsense until this morning and I don’t react. But I did go and look at their Twitter page. It looks like the person has been baiting anyone who used the #setherfree tag yesterday.

That’s really sad. If people spent as much time and energy on trying to improve things as they do on causing indignation and ill-feeling online, then maybe change might happen?

Just a thought.


Must be off, I’ve only written 1200 words today, I’m aiming for 3000 before I get back to the books I’m reviewing.

I hope you’ve all had a reasonably pleasant weekend and the next few days are too awful for you all.





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