Needles and crochet hooks

This is the first weekend in about two months when I haven’t spent both days sewing, embroidering or crocheting.

About six weeks, possibly seven, I joined a local sewing club, to get me out of the house. Since then I’ve been making various animals for people. My window ledge is decorated with to cloth dogs and a cat (it was meant to be a dog), and I have a new pin/needle cushion – an owl riding a pig.

I’ve started crocheting again because Dawn, who sort of organises the sewing club asked if people could make ‘Angel Baby’ wraps or small cardigans. I can’t quite manage cardigans, but I’ve made a couple of wraps. I have more wool now so I might make some more this week. They are for burials of new borns, premature, and young babies. It’s an upsetting subject for some people but the sewing club I belong to wants to help.

It’s something completely separate from the club, where we make things for ourselves. Some people sell their creations; the club and more experienced crafters provide advice and inspiration to all our members though.

Last weekend, I finished crocheting a blanket for a friend’s baby, made a dog for my nephew, a pig for my niece (they demanded, with colour specifications) and a piggy doorstop for my friend in Sheffield (it was a flat warming present), then designed and embroidered a pattern for a shirt back. I’d already modified the shirt – black, mans shirt from a charity shop – by cutting off half the sleeves, and the collar. It now has short sleeves and a ‘manderin’ or ‘granddad’ collar – I literally just cut the collar off.

I like being busy, but I’ve been neglecting my reviewing and writing for crafting, so this weekend I’m remedying my neglect.

Although it is easier to concentrate on crochet rather than reading while marathoning The Walking Dead.

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