I promised writing news

So there shall be writing news.
As you may remember, I’m doing a creative writing course. One of the aims of the course is to get students published and earning money. That hasn’t happened yet for me, well the money part anyway. The second assignment was to write three letters to different magazines. I wrote to four or five and I’ve had responses.

I had a letter printed in May’s issue of Writing Magazine. I’ve screen shotted it on my tablet, so when I go to visit my mum and her internet tomorrow I shall insert it into this post. I wrote in response to a feature they had in March or April’s issue about writing a fantasy/sci-fi trilogy. As you may know I’m working on a fantasy trilogy at the moment, and have been for about eighteen months, so of course it was a perfect hook for a letter.


While I was in the newsagent while waiting for a train to Harrogate I picked up a random magazine, intrigued by a cover feature about Slavic Easter traditions. (Yes, I do have some bizarre interests, but my conversation can be educational.) The magazine was called Kindred Spirit; they cover MBS subjects. Usually I can’t stand those sorts of magazines, but this publication seemed intelligent. More ‘unusual spiritual traditions’, less ‘latest vaguely spiritual diet’.

The article I wrote a letter about was the one about Slavic Easter traditions, in that some of them reminded me of German traditions I’d read about. I received an email yesterday; they are publishing my letter in the July/August issue, and it’s the Star Letter. I get a book as a prize. I’m rather excited.

After I’d sent the letter I finished reading the magazine and realised they had a book review section, with guest reviewers. On the off chance, and feeling brave I emailed the editor. It turns out they’re making some changes to the review section and if I didn’t mind not getting paid I could become their regular reviewer.

I thought about it, because I shouldn’t give my writing away for free, but I will get physical books sent to me, so I might be able to sell them. I really would like to be paid to review books, eventually, but everyone needs to start somewhere and the editor seems pleasant. So I agreed.

In other writery news, I haven’t heard anything about the Waterloo 200 feature I submitted to Lincolnshire Life Magazine in March (photos sent in April); I know it can take a while but I’d really like to know if they’re going to run it .

I’m going to look at the next assignment for the creative writing course tomorrow, and see if any article ideas suggest themselves while I’m doing that. At any rate I might come up with a couple of letters.

And that’s about it; I’ll have a couple of book reviews for you at the end of the week – hopefully.

Good night




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