I gave myself a kick up the arse today and started working on my novel again.
I’ve been trying to write for a couple of hours every day for the last month but have failed miserably. Things haven’t been great and I’ve been concentrating on sewing instead. I think my sewing frenzy has worked itself out though and should go back to being my weekend pastime now.

I found the notebook I used last year to write my daily, weekly and monthly goals in, but stopped doing so because things got complicated. This afternoon I started again. I’ve written this week’s goals and my goals for June. I’m going to stick to them.

I’ve managed one already. I wrote 3033 words this afternoon, the novel is moving along nicely. My goal is to complete the first draft by the end of June. I’m about a third of the way through. My first drafts tend to be skeletons with some parts complete and others summarised, and then I add the flesh at the next stage.  So far my heroine has been kidnapped, killed her kidnapper, uncovered a plot to stage a coup that resulted in her nemesis being exiled, and stumbled on a people smuggling ring. I’m only 12 chapters in. I swear I didn’t plan most of those but at least I know why her nemesis hates her now. This is important for books two and three. They way things are developing I may need to change considerable parts of book two, about a third of which I’ve already written.

I’m tryin not to nap but my eyes are watery, so I think I’ll give them a rest from looking st screens for a while and later I’ll work on another of this week’s goals – reading one of my review books.





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