It’s Time To Talk About ‘British Values’

Media Diversified

by Neda Tehrani

Following their election victory, last week, newly appointed cabinet ministers were pressing policies, and future plans. Ultimately, the all-permeating sentiment in Conservative rhetoric, was the notion that British citizens have a duty to uphold British values. With the repetition of this phrase by Cameron and his team, comes the question of which values can be defined as inherently British. Much of the discussion in the media has gotten us no closer to understanding exactly what British Values are, and these elusive shape shifters are beginning to inherit a mythical quality.

I am sure many of us have a natural inclination to align with a set of values. This is often born out of a desire to find a sense of belonging. For many, it appears the most reasonable thing to do is to identify with the values that are a part of the society you in which…

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