Limousines, bicycles, and fat ugly slags

Bells & Whistles

The other day I was cycling home when I stopped at a junction with traffic lights.  A huge stretched limo – you know, those achingly tacky ones, a giant Hummer, the sort rolled out by chavs at proms –  turned at the lights, and took the corner so badly that the driver was eyeball-to-eyeball with me, and gestured, impatiently, that I should move back.

This pissed me off on several levels.  Firstly, I was right where I was supposed to be – in the bicycle box – and yet he showed no sign of apology that he was cutting into the opposite lane of traffic, but merely anger at me – a tiny bicycle – hindering his intended route.  Secondly, I knew that corner was perfectly possible for large vehicles because I have stopped in precisely the same place on many an occasion and watched as double-decker buses swung around…

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  1. Robyn says:

    Hi Rosie, thanks for reposting! Are you a cyclist too, or just equally fed up with these sorts of comments?

    1. R Cawkwell says:

      Fed up with the comments, and the entitled attitude some car drivers have. I used to ride a little scooter and got the same sort of nonsense, people deliberately driving too close and forcing me to ride in the gutter, or overtaking without giving me enough room.

      1. Robyn says:

        It’s bloody miserable, isn’t it. Unbelievable. I don’t know why some people find joy and affirmation in putting other people down, or making them feel scared and belittled. I will simply never understand their mindsets!

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