Does anyone know a god in the market for a slightly tarnished soul?

HIM announced yesterday that they are playing a UK exclusive gig at my favourite venue, Rock City in Nottingham, on the 27th December. Tickets go on sale on Friday.

I had considered going but then decided I can’t because no money. But then today my friend text and twisted my arm. It wasn’t hard, to be honest. HIM are one of my favourite bands, and as I’ve already mentioned, Rock City is the best.

Since I’m sick and she’s out of work at the minute, money for gig tickets is scarce (in my case money for food is scarce), so we are resigned to selling our souls. It’s my turn. She tried to sell hers for Metallica tickets a few years back and didn’t get any offers; its now been sold for Hawkeye/Darcy fics.

So it’s my turn to put my soul on the market.

Any offers?


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